The Beat

What is a beauty without the beat? Keep up with Southern Kick and our musical journey with articles showcasing our tunes and upcoming events!

Southern Kick Sings Some Lullabies

Before we knew wether our niece Lizzie and her husband Ryan were having a boy or a girl we recorded some tunes at the suggestion of our niece Jenna who was doing some recording of her own for Baby Cooney on the piano! We hope you can feel the love we had for this...

Learning New Songs & Instruments

It is not so easy to find songs for us to learn and perform. Rick is an outstanding guitar player with 35+ years experience and then there is me. Rick can play anything, I cannot and I continue to want to play songs that are above my play range. Still it is fun and...

My Own Mind

Lyle Lovett is one our favorite song writers. His lyrics are thoughtful and quirky and tells a strory. We had the chance to see Lyle in concerts years ago. We hope to catch him again down the road.