More About Me

Kate is only 50% of Southern Kick the band, but is 100% about what Southern Kick represents. Find out more below about what inspired me to realize it was time to start my own journey and reignite the light of inspiration!

Beauty, Beats, and Treats

Everybody has a story, right?
I am no different – but what I’ve done about it is different.
Two years ago after my 92 year old mother passed away I felt my life or part of it was over. The laughter and the joy was never going to come back. At least that is what I told myself. My light was never going to shine again and my world would be dim – and I was okay with that.
My mom was a wonderful knitter, ever since I can remember she was knitting sweaters and afghans like nobody’s business. I attempted a scarf as a teenager but I lost interested and didn’t pick up a pair of knitting needles until my mom lived with my husband and me off and on. I wanted to get her involved in knitting again, she had stopped because it put a strain on her back and she ended up putting the knitting needles as well as her car keys and golf clubs away for good.
After she passed away I found an afghan she had started and I was determined to finish it but fist I had to get better. I did get better because it is all I did for about a year following her death. I found knitting to be a way to get lost in my own world, therapy for my soul and at the same time create some projects that I could give to people and it made me feel good.

I would have just continued on that path, complacent, until my cousin Hilary Findo approached me about a company called Beautycounter. I had been using the products and loved them. She wanted me to join her team and sell the products too. A week later I woke up and realized it was a time to start my own journey, to take a leap of faith and take the job. So I did.

A year later I am an advocate for safer beauty and have been promoted to manager. It has changed my life and given me a purpose.
It was at this time my eyes opened up to another new journey – picking up my guitar again and really being serious about it. Playing and singing with my husband we would do some Live videos on Facebook and people engaged with us and liked what we were doing. I found passion for music again and my niece, Jenna Brown, named us “Southern Kick.” And so it began.

In addition to Beautycounter and Southern Kick, I had a group on Facebook called Beauty and the Beet with cooking and beauty tips. All of the sudden my life was full again it an entirely different way. I wanted to tie all three of my passions together and have a website where people could come to join in on the fun and hopefully come away with a recipe they love, a song in their heart, or to learn about safer beauty.