It has been 6 weeks or so that we found out Luna had cancer and we weren’t very optimistic to say the least.

A fairly new drug, specifically for dogs turned our frown upside down. Palladia, chemo in pill form has shrunk her tumor by 66% and we are thrilled as you can imagine.

It’s kind of interesting, at least to me I had The ought I retired from the Care Taking Business but as it found me.

Im a firm believer that the ability for me to be home with Luna all of the time creates less stress on top of the fact that she never, I mean NEVER hears the word NO.

Things brings me to my next point about being a Caretaker for Luna, you wouldn’t think it would be a big deal really. How tough could it be? Well, let me tell you it is exhausting like you wouldn’t believe. The minute she wakes up I am her B- – – h, kind of a reversal of roles you could say. She needs, scratch that, wants my attention every waking moment and even her non waking moments. She senses when I walk away to do something that might have to do with her and she knows it.

Laundry piles up, dishes go undone, Beautycounter gets out on the back burner and cooking becomes a real pain.

Look, I’m not in any way,  shape,  or form comparing taking care of my dog the same as taking care of a human being and I’ve done both so I think I have clearance to say that it is difficult, frustrating, exhausting. Oh, I forgot to mention my guilt when I mention that’s how I feel about it because I should be grateful she is still here and there is actually a decent chance she will still be here even 4 years from now. In the moment there are those times where I want to sit down and cry as my life melds into my dogs and going away is only in my mind and not a reality.

Did I mention many nights she sleeps in bed with us? Did I mention she weighs 100 pounds and takes up a lot of space? Sleeping through the night is in the past but then again I’ve been known to wake up in the middle of the night bit when you really worry about your dog getting sleep then your own sleep is unimportant.

in a couple of weeks Rick will take care of Luna while I go to California for a family reunion, at this time it’s the only answer until I learn to hand the reigns over to someone else.

For now, we will keep on keeping on as they say and learn to manage my time better and maybe even use the no word now and again.