This Bench might seem plain, ordinary, a no big deal kind of a bench, but pretty, I assume you might comment.

This bench has been around the block, so to speak at least in my home, 2 different homes.

We bought this bench in a quaint store in Starkville Mississippi where we lived for 3 1/2 years.  We had bought this super cool kitchen table that had been made from boats.


When we first bought the table we didn’t purchase chairs to go with it, I felt they were overpriced and wanted to think about it after we got the table into our house.

There was a bench at the quaint store which by the way closed after focusing more on baby clothes than the fabulous one of a kind furniture they sold. Anyway, this bench spoke to me and it just seemed to be perfect for one side of the table. Plus, thought it would be kind of romantic that Rick and I would sit on a cozy bench eating dinner instead of rock hard chairs. I was really looking forward to sitting on this bench having dinner!

Well, we sat on The Bench together every night and had dinner. We looked out onto the lake p, it was so pretty and serene eating dinner on this super comfy bench. I would comment frequently about how great this bench was.

As time went on my enthusiasm about the bench got less and less. The problem with The Bench was, every time you would get up from the table, both people would pretty much get up from The Bench which made it quite inconvenient. Often times I would knock my knee on the fabulous wood table trying to maneuver off of The Bench without asking Rick to at least partially move off of The Bench.

I could have kicked myself for not just buying the chairs that actually went with the table, they would have been the right color, the right height, they would have been perfect.

One day I realized sadly that it was becoming more and more difficult for Gibby to jump on the bed. Let’s be clear the dogs really aren’t allowed on the bed that is unless Rick is not home then it’s game on. The light went on and I thought, The Bench would be perfect at the foot of the bed and I bet Gibby would be able to conquer it in order to get to his final destination, our bed.

Yes! The Bench had a new home and it really did look splendid in our bedroom, I had always wanted a bench like this at the foot of the bed! Who knew?!

I felt so good about all of this because my purchase of The Bench was not a throw away at all! What a relief to find the spot where The Bench should have been in the first place.

In April of 2018 we moved to our home in Rockwall Texas. We were so excited to be in our new home getting settled and of course The Bench went right where it belonged, at the foot of the bed in the Master Bedroom.

Not long after our move I began to notice as Gibby was a Senior he was in need of other options for slumber. Both Luna and Gibson required their own love seats but I had to add an orthopedic bed to the floor of the bedroom and if I bought him one I had to buy “her” one too.

As you can imagine, 1 King Bed, 2 Dressers, 2 Night Stands,& 2 Doggy Beds made it a little crowded even for a nice sized master but we forged on.

I guess you kind of know where this is going, right?

That day came and sadly we didn’t need the bench in the bedroom any longer. I realized without the bench and 1 less dog bed the master bedroom would be less cluttered and more functional. The Bench got moved to the Family Room,

Pat first it was here


You’ll have to use your imagination, I’m not moving The Bench again just for this particular blog. Anyway, I didn’t like it there so The Bench got moved yet again.

It turns out, the bench has finally reached its destination.

My husband started moving furniture around for my Beautycounter & Wine gig. He was setting up drums, guitars and a few other things to have a little jam session during my party. He completely moved the couch to a different location and after the party putting his musical instruments and equipment away The Bench got moved, I’m pretty sure for the last time.

So, you see, when you look at The Bench, you just see a piece of furniture with some pretty pillows on it. I see something much different I see a Beautiful Bench that fit the situations it was put in. I see The Bench as a tool that helped my elderly dog not be left out so he could get on the bed. I see The Bench that still has a place in our home and looking at it makes me smile and sometimes brings a tear to my eye.

The Bench also represents moving on even though sometimes you just want to keep things the same. I think it’s good to make things a little different after a shift in your household. It gives a different perspective and gets you looking at the dashboard instead of the rear view mirror.