Just when you think you have it together again, life throws you yet another curve ball.

Luna had been to the vet for an issue she had a month or so ago, got her a prescription, pain meds for a few days and it was all good.

She had been limping and although I had mentioned it on her visit prior to the vet it became less important. On Monday They took got x-rays of Luna’s paws/wrists and it seemed like old injuries and the need to be put on non steroidal anti-inflammatory medication for 30 days and walking only for exercise would do the trick along with losing 10-15 pounds which would be good for both of us.

I got a phone call from the vet saying it would be a good idea to get yet more x-rays this time of Luna’s chest as they saw something they felt might just be shadows from her prior x-rays and wanted to be certain it wasn’t anything serious.

On Wednesday Rick met me at the vet (I always worry when he wants to accompany me it means he is worried too). X-rays were taken and the vet didn’t seem to feel like there was a problem but wanted to send them off to their radiologist just to be on the safe side. Hopefully we would hear back that afternoon or the next day (Thursday). No phone call came until Friday late afternoon, it was not good news. Cancer in her lungs, probably pretty aggressive. The Dr. suggested we take her to an oncologist to see if there would be anything we could do and to make certain she is in no discomfort and to find out what the time frame is meaning, how much time she has left.

I was in shock, then super sad and do What you do when you’re incredibly sad and cried, a lot.

What are the chances of that? We lose Gibby in February and 4 months to the day later we are now more than likely going to lose Luna soon.

I’ve had the weekend to sort through it, have told close friends who have been so wonderful, empathetic, and kind and I feel very fortunate for that.

I try really hard not to cry and instead keep to our routine because that’s how Luna feels the most secure and settled and that’s how we will continue to live each day and I’m giving her my absolute best. I figure there will be plenty of time for tears when she is not here but for now I’ll do what I can to out on a brave face.