I was at Kroger yesterday when this very pretty Spring is how looking coffe mug caught my eye. Did I “Need” another Coffee Mug? Definitely not as I’m already overrun by mugs for our Java.

I pictured myself drinking coffee from this mug and it sparked joy so I bought it and look at how 8nviting my coffee is this morning!

It occurred to me, how many coffee mugs do two people need? We have 24, make that had 24 now we have 25 with my latest purchase. 25! That is insane really. When will we have have 25 people here drinking coffee?

I started to sort through the mugs and came across some I will never get rid of, you know the ones right? The ones you really love to drink your morning coffee out of, the ones that warm your heart. For instance, this one my nephew Jeremy and his wife Maryam had made for me, Rick and I both love drinking our coffee from this one. It’s a picture of us at their wedding and we treasure it.

Here is another, our Bouvier mug. It’s funny and drinking out of it gives me a good chuckle.

Then there are my Ana Maria Island Mug, I mean MugS. For over 20 years I would take vacation and go to this quaint Island in Florida and one year I found these.  I have fabulous memories with my family there, very special times spent particularly with my mom. They are adorable, wouldn’t you agree? The problem is they are quite small and they at the time I purchased them had little ceramic spoons that fit in the slots which I thought was genius to add sugar or cream and you would no longer have to even open your cutlery drawer to stir your coffee. Unfortunately, I have no idea where the spoons are now, I imagine they got lost in the shuffle from our last move and the one cup I only realized today doesn’t even say Ana Maria on it.

I will start with giving away the one non descript mug but can’t part with the other 2.

Here is a super pretty and delightful mug. I love the polka dots on it and the scalloped edging. Can you see yourself drinking a hot cup of coffee from this? Say the word and it can be yours because I can’t seem to drink from it without spilling it on myself, guess it takes talent.

I have no idea where this came from, it is a definite give away.

Looks like after giving away 2 I’ll be down to 23, it’s a start, right?