When traveling to Orlando for a little family get together my sister-in-law, who is like a sister to me, came up with a brilliant idea! My nice Keenie was flying in early that Friday morning so my niece Amy, my niece-in-law Maryam, who is like a niece to me, Joanne p, and I would all go to the airport to pick up Keenie and go somewhere for t together.

We did exactly that and found a quaint restaurant called La Madeleine not far fro Joanne and my brother Packer’s house.

It was delightful and the happened to have a little private dining room where we ate our delicious breakfast.

A few of us had mimosas, Omelets, and I opted for a little soup and sandwich. There happens to me a La Madeleine in Rockwall so Rick and I definitely need to check it out.

More Important than what was on the menu it was this special time we had together, just the girls. When we have family get together, what we would consider small probably wouldn’t seem that way for most people. It is rare to have a girl get together but I’m really in favor of doing this when our family gathers for a casual reunion.

Girl time is really important, isn’t it? Family, friends, aquaintences, spending even an hour with other woman can refuel you in ways nothing else really can.

I think even if you can’t get together in person there are other ways to get some tribe time. I have a closed group on facebook, all woman sharing recipes and sometimes just sharing life and I treasure it.

i hope all of you girls that might be reading this either has recently enjoyed time with a few women or have a date penned in on your calendar to be together soon.

The power of woman together is nothing less than, well, powerful.