I had good intentions of this actually being a slow cooker meal. It had been a while since making this recipe and it just goes to show you it’s ALWAYS a good idea to read through the recipe in it’s entirety.

I started making this at 1ish and realized that I needed to have cooked rice which by the way for one reason or another I’m  just not very good at. I came to the conclusion that this would be an oven recipe not slow cooker and figured no biggie.

I’m not sure what I may have needed to adjust when cooking in the oven versus the slow cooker but I actually made no adjustments.

The great part about this recipe is not needing to fill each cabbage leaf with the meat mixture, it saves SO much time. It’s also easy to add more cabbage or add some sauerkraut on top of the cabbage when layering (a neat trick and adds a great flavor,  my bff Mary Z told me about years ago and it’s so good).

Bratwurst might seem a bit odd but it’s unique and leaves your taste buds wanting more LMSC!