There is nothing like a hearty bowl of homemade soup, there truly isn’t. Making a really scrumptious soup well that’s even better!

I was at my brother and sister-in-law’s house, Charlie and Laura when I caught the tail end of him making someone in the kitchen. What is that Charlie? Cream of Asparagus Soup, he replied proudly.

Now, I’ll admit, I always thought Charlie was the Barbecue King, kind of like his brother (my husband Rick).  Charlie makes excellent food on the grill and does the smoker deal barbecue too, he is really good. When I found him cooking in the kitchen, I just always that that was Laura’s domain, she is an excellent cook.

Dinner rolls around and I get this soup put in front of me, smells super good. I taste it and WHOA, oh man, I’m slurping it up like a little kid! It had those perfect little bites of pasta. Pasta in Asparagus Soup? Who had ever heard of such a thing? You know what’s next, right? I want the recipe BIG TIME!

Some people don’t really like to give the details of their recipes. I compare it to why musicians don’t want you filming them at a concert. It never ever sounds as good when it’s filmed, especially by an amateur and then someone listening to the recording might think, hmmmm, they are just okay.

The same thing could be said for the chefs of the world both the famous and non feel about handing out their recipes like nothing, If someone else does make it and maybe doesn’t follow the recipe correctly or could be they just really can’t cook than that could possibly look bad on you, correct?

why am I telling you all of this? Well, Charlie did give me the recipe but it took some coaxing as I recall which ph made no sense because Charlie, like his brother is a phenomenal guy and why on earth would he not want to give his sister-in-law?

I recently asked for the recipe again with the move and all it got lost in the shuffle. Charlie freely gave the recipe and gave it so that my friends could have it too! That’s one cool dude!

The Heavy Cream was added right before serving.

Cheers to Charlie and Laura! We sure miss you❤️


Okay. Take two of those bunches of asparagus, or three, skin them and boil the s- – t out of them. I use a pressure cooker. Then drain and put in a food processor or blender. I use a blender, and add 3/4 stick of drawn butter. Add white pepper. More than you expect. Pour into a pot over low heat and add three cubes of chicken broth. Add some of the water from the boiled asparagus and a thumb and forefinger of vermicelli, broken into two inch pieces. Salt to taste. Simmer super low for an hour. Add heavy cream, simmer (still very low heat) for another five minutes and serve. May want to add salt to taste. Don’t skimp on the white pepper.