I thought this was an interesting looking recipe and decided to try it when my husband is away because I’m pretty sure he would not be a fan.

I had a complete brain freeze and pulled out a jar of Red Peppers not even noticing it said “in water”. Needless to say putting water on cauliflowers to roast it doesn’t actually provide much flavor. Do over.

I used Olive Oil and should have used the oil from the Sun Dried Tomatoes but it took me longer to realize I was still using the wrong ingredient and then the light ?finally went on and lucky for me I had a jar of Sun Dried Tomatoes in the pantry.

i would have used more cheese, more tomato, and separated the cauliflower up a bit more discarding any stem.

This is one I’d really like to make again, the right way next time!

If you’re interested in the recipe there is a link here.